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The Building of Tombs
Alamah Murtadha Al Askari
With permission from
The world Islamic Network

Chapter 1: An outline of the discussion
Chapter 2: Arguments of those who consider it haraam to build tombs.
2.1: Purpose of the first tradition
2.2: Purpose of the second tradition
2.3: Firstly - The graves of the Prophets of Bani Israel
2.4: Secondly - Places of worship of the Jews
Chapter 3: Arguments of those who consider it permissible to construct tombs.
3.1: Firstly - The Book of Allah (Quran)
3.2: Secondly - Referring to the Sunnat of the Prophet (s.a.)
Chapter 4: The grave of the mother of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) at Abwaa and the visitation of the Prophet (s.a.) to her grave
Chapter 5: The grave of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) at Madinah.
Chapter 6: The merits of visiting the grave of the Prophet (s.a.)
Chapter 7: Members of the Prophet’s Household (Ahlul Bayt) and his Companions visited his grave.
Chapter 8: The conclusion of the discussion.
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