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Chapter 1.
What is Religion?

The Arabic word 'Deen', which is translated as 'Religion' in English, is used for several meanings:-

(a) "Islam; Belief in Unity of God; Worship; Obedience; All the acts of worship; piety." All these meanings arc interrelated and are connected with the belief in a Creator.

(b) "Judgment; Reward or Punishment; Account; Order; Law." These meanings, also are inter-related and point to the belief in the Life-hereafter.

(c) The third group of its meanings is: "Custom; Character; Habit; Religion revealed and traditional both."

The idea behind the word "Deen" is that man, by his nature, has to have a pattern of life based upon some spiritual ideals or ideas which we call "belief."

It appears that the word "Deen" is more comprehensive than the English word "Religion" which puts emphasis on only "Human recognition of super-human controlling power and especially of a personal god or gods entitled to obedience and worship, effect of such recognition or conduct of mental attitude, particular system of faith and worship."

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