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The Morals and Ethics of the Quran

Ali Rahim

The prophet Muhammad (saws) said: "I have been sent to perfect the morals". The Quran is the criterion (furqan). Anything that contradicts the Quran is not from Islam.

The following is a collection of some of the moral and ethical teachings of the holy Quran, the book of God. Relevant verses have been gathered together under specific headings. Many verses have been omitted to avoid repetitions and maintain conciseness. A lot of verses mention more than one moral, however very often separate headings have not been created to cover all the morals.

All the verses are taken from the Shakir translation unless stated otherwise.

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Abortion Gratefulness Parents
Arrogance Greed Patience and Perseverance
Backbiting Homosexuality Privacy
Benefiting Others Humbleness / Humility Purification of the Soul
Charity Hypocrisy Racism, Nationalism, Sexism
Courtesy Idolatry Rationality / Reasoning
Debts Ignorance Repentance
Despair Intoxicants / Alcohol Suicide
Divorce Justice Suspicion
Enjoining the Good and Forbidding the Evil Knowledge Truthfulness
Fair Trade Marriage Unity
Forgiveness and mercy Murder Vain Talk
Fornication / Adultery Mutual Consultation War and Peace
Freedom of Belief Oppression Women
Good Natured Orphans .
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Abu Thar Al-Halawaji
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Abu Thar Al-Halawaji
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Abdul Basit
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Al Faatiha (mp3)
Yasir Al-Filkawi
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